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VIP WILL BE TAKING A HOLIDAY BREAK! DECEMBER 17th - December 30th. You CAN still place your order, however links and payments will not be issued or deposited until we return to our usual business hours. At that time we will begin processing orders in the order in which they have come in. We hope EVERYONE has a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



Who wants to sit around for weeks while their e-juice steeps? Do you?

Some vendors offer to make your juice "fresh" that does not mean it is ready to vape. Most fresh made juices need time to develop properly or steep. VIP is ready to vape the minute you get it and it will keep for a long time.

When it comes to e-juice or e-liquid we all want the same experience which is a juice that provides you with satisfying flavor and a  smooth vape with the right throat hit(OPTIONAL) on the right level every time.


Now we HAVE vaped some dang good juices and we believe that Canada produces some of the finest available.  


VIP starts our with a bang and is delicious and fulfilling to the last drop. Curious? Try some for yourself and see.


We have been told that our juices pack some of the best flavors around. This is from people who purchase and use our products. 


  • VIP is dedicated to providing our customers a product they enjoy fully.
  • We follow safe and sanitary work practices in the creation of our products.
  • VIP is located on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
  • We are a team. We vape what we make!       


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