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Product Image JACKIE CHANG - 50/50 PG/VG



UPDATE: 1 person to date has won Jackie Chang for a year! AUGUST 2014 Good work Chelsea! NOBODY SINCE 2014!

If you can figure out the flavor range in our Jackie Chang we will bow to you and serve you for life. Actually we will give you free Jackie Chang for a year. (2 bottles per month)

Nodody knows just what it is but boy oh boy do they go crazy for this stuff. JC is a full creamy vape with flavors ranging from Vanilla to Caramel to Chocolate. We ain't saying that those are the flavors but most say that is what they taste.

It's like a karate chop to the taste buds. We like to keep 'em guessing. Either way this is a vape for everyone to enjoy. Great vape from start to finish. You may seriously want to stock up on this stuff.


PLEASE be responsible, some of our flavors may smell like candy to a child.  
Please keep your VIP E-Juice and any other e-juice out of the reach of children.

Allergy ALERT - ** e-juices may contain or have come into contact with traces of nuts.  If you are allergic to nuts please do NOT use our e-juice **