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Product Image UNFLAVORED E-JUICE - 50/50 PG/VG



We have received quite a lot of email requests for an e-juice without flavorings. Some of these folks who sent us these emails informed us on how they do not want to taste the different flavors that e-juices come in, others asked for "plain e-juice".


Perhaps you may want to kick the flavor down a notch, adding this juice to your existing juice will help dilute any rich or bold flavor into a lighter flavor that you can adjust to your liking. Maybe you are going to be somewhere and you cannot smell the room up with melons and candy scents, this is the juice you NEED for stealth vaping. It works exactly the same as any other e-juice except no flavor. Nobody will ever know. Great for work, public places or anywhere you don't want to attract smelly attention.

Every vaper should have a bottle of this on hand in their preferred strength.


No flavorings at all, just a 50/50 PG/VG available in all strengths.



See our youtube video for a more detailed description by clicking here: coming soon!


PLEASE be responsible, some of our flavors may smell like candy to a child.  
Please keep your VIP E-Juice and any other e-juice out of the reach of children.

Allergy ALERT - ** e-juices may contain or have come into contact with traces of nuts.  If you are allergic to nuts please do NOT use our e-juice **